Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Gone Overboard

I really have dropped off the face of the internet lately. I apologize for anyone that actually reads this. I am in my last two weeks of College, and am incredibly busy lately, so that is my excuse. In my little spare time I've been logging on Pirates of the Burning Sea, which I really enjoy. I'm currently a level 22 Privateer of The Queen's Royal Navy, aptly named Howard Moon from the punchy Mighty Boosh television program. Anyways, I've picked up a few new domain names recently, and I just need to find an appropriate host. After that I'll try relaunching the site, and reclaim my love of gaming. That will probably happen in a month or so after I get my life together. I hope you are all doing well out there, I look forward to getting back into the swing of things in two weeks time.

P.S.(I removed the ads, as I'm not really putting a whole lot of effort into this right now)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Taking the plunge.

Well I broke down yesterday and picked up the pre-order box of Pirates of the Burning Sea at the local Gamestop(which had a nice stack at the front desk). I am very excited to try it out, alas my excitement has faded as the process of downloading the client has taken well over 15 hours. I've tried the direct download, then switched to try the slim client and then patch the game which some claimed would only take forty minutes(HA!), and now I am back to the direct download hoping that at some point I will be able to play this game before it actually releases.

So far this is probably a worse experience than the Vanguard beta, which is shocking as I didn't think I could wait longer for a game to download. But at least VG was 20+ gigs which however absurd makes some sense it would take awhile. Pirates however is only 5gigs, which should be done in under four hours easy. I've scanned the forums, and seen a few people with my problem but it doesn't seem to be widespread which is always depressing. There is nothing worse than complaining about a problem by yourself. Why oh why Flying Labs, did you not include a beta build users could just patch, and go? I'll report back later when I can actually play the game. In the meantime, have any of you picked up the game? If so where are you playing? As I have no idea where to begin.


Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Maybe another day.

Well I tried Vanguard, I really did, but I have not logged on in probably two weeks. I just couldn't bring myself to do it. It is a beautiful game, diplomacy kicks ass, their use of a defensive target is near game changing as a healer, and the amount of race/class combos provides a fantastic amount of options to a new player.

Now that I have the praise out of the way, on to the complaints. The client crashes more often on my machine now than it did at release(it never crashed for me at release, now it happens at least once a play session). As I said in my previous post, I just cannot stand the UI "look and feel", I honestly feel like I'm looking at the world's most beautiful landscapes through a viewfinder. Not to mention the default font used just looks pre-EverQuest, even my roommate commented how terrible the font looked against the environments. Anyways, I quickly grew tired of my lonely cleric running about post Hathor-Zhi, and rolled a Halfling Bard. Which to my disappointment was a lot less fun than I was expecting, also a bit confusing, there is little at all in the way of informing the user how to actually create songs and us the different abilities to make powerful songs. I spent far too much time dicking around with the same ol' junk before I figured out I really needed to do something about it. When of course the game crashed and I lost serious interest in returning. Not to mention that there were very few people in the newbie area to help out, so I ended up getting my arse whooped by a bunch of brownies repeatedly in an attempt to complete a few quests. And while in Everquest this was a regular occurence, I just couldn't swallow it and go on.

I'm not saying I'm done with Vanguard, there is as everyone says a lot there. It just isn't in order quite yet. There is a rumored relaunch occurring in a few months maybe I'll give it a shot then when they get the new models, and more has been done. But for now I just have to let it go. Which leads me to another topic, what to do now? But that is for another time.


Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A look into my Crystal Ball of pwnage.

Well since Darren is getting all up in the spirit of the new year, I figured "Hey! I can make educated guesses too!". And so here we are. '07 was overall a disappointing year, with launches ranging from the mediocre to the down right terrible. Though it was a pretty darn good year for expansions, EQ2, EVE, Warcraft?, and probably a few others I can't remember right now, released to favorable reviews. But enough of the past, lets get to the future!

- Warhammer will suffer two more delays, and will be released in Q4 of '08. It will be a hit, and I will be sad because there will be no OSX port.

- Conan is released a few months before Warhammer to mediocre reviews, suffering a tough launch that will alienate their initially large audience but will soon suffer serious sub loss after the free month is over. Conan will maintain a small niche audience ala EVE but less interesting.

- Warcraft will lose some sub numbers, but nothing as serious as many think.

- While the alarm horns are sounded for Warhammer, Blizzard will make a pathetic attempt to patch in "serious" PvP. While their PvP only zone will be much hyped, it will turn into little more than Tarren Mill 2.0.

- Wrath of the Lich King will be a disappointment because you can't play the walrus people. Much photoshopping will occur post launch.

- Everquest2 will announce their next expansion, which will include the return of some of the Planes. Someone mentioned the next EQ2 expansion pack being a rehash of Planes of Power but I cannot remember who.

- The MMO Startups will finally release what they are working on, many will be unconventional, and there will be much turmoil amongst bloggers. At least one web based MMO, all will include RMT.

- After much thought I don't think anything incredibly interesting will happen to LOTRO, but will continue to release quality episodic content. Travel time will be improved.

- Bioware's announcement will be a disappointment, and tears will flood the streets of the Internet.

- None will care about Huxley.

- I will play Warhammer until my eyes bleed.

The last one I can guarantee.


Thursday, December 27, 2007

Oh the Holidaze.

What a long week it has been! Since I've come home for the holidays I've been chopping ice, shopping, visiting relatives, and being just sick as a dog. Oh the fun of the holidays.
Unfortunately I have not had nearly as much time for Vanguard as I would have liked. I've created a cute Halfling Bard on Shidreth, haven't gotten him above level 10. I've been having a pretty good time, as everyone else has already stated the world is huge, the skylines are incredible, and diplomacy is neat. I did however remember what turned me off about the game(aside from the bugs). The default UI theme, the widgets, the look and feel of the interface just feels so plastic fantasy, it seriously turns me off from the game. Not to mention the target font is ugly as sin, and in every screen shot it is exactly the same, big, and blocky. So my next big thing is to try out some of the UI mods over at VGInterface. I've had the client crash on me a few times, which is strange because at launch I actually had no problems with client stability, unlike most people.

In other news, for Christmas my Mother was so adept at present getting, she picked me up Call of Duty 4, and Guitar Hero 3. Now I've been having a great time with CoD4, I beat the campaign on Normal, and have now advanced on to Veteran(omg hard), and have had a damn good time of it. Though short, the campaign is high on quality, and wow does it look amazing in HD. GH3 however I've been having my troubles with. Basically watching me play GH3 is sort of like watching a 90 year old taking a typing test, I fail horribly on anything but easy. So I am trying to hone my skills and get to a respectable level before I ever play it in front of anyone. CoD4 multiplayer is a ton of fun, and if anyone reading this is on XBox Live, my username is Chestone. It is very interesting, CoD4 multi-player has added a few common RPG elements, including level based advancement, context based rewards, and even a mild quest system. For example, if you assist in a kill you get 2 exp, while a normal kill is worth 10, and a kill after death is worth 20. Your character can also gain bonus exp from calling in air support when available, your position on your team, and winning games. Big exp bonuses come from completing "Challenges", which are essentially quests with "Get X Kill with X Weapon", or some variation there of. All in all it is a great game, with a a class based system akin to Team Fortress, with the ability, when of appropriate level to create a custom class, and with each level advancement diversify your custom classes weapon selection. All of this talk about the game just has me ready to go, so I will bid you all adieu, have a great holiday!


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Vanguard: Someday I'll be playing you.

Well I had been planning on some hot Vanguarding this evening. But as the patcher says I still have three hours left, it is 9pm EST, and I have a presentation along with a test tomorrow... perhaps not. But hey bonus, there was a patch today, and look what came along just in time for __insert_holiday__!

Hotfix Notes December / 19 / 2007



- All three spheres have been given a 50% experience bonus during the holidays. The bonus experience will last from Wednesday, December 19th at 5:00am PST to Thursday, January 3rd at 5:00am PST. Enjoy!

Well that will certainly make things a little bit more enjoyable in the weeks to come. Also I wanted to ask, where is everyone playing? I'd love to find some friends in game to group up with, start a guild or throw down diplomatically, the possibilities are endless!


When the teenager inside sheds a tear so sweet.

I was browsing the usual suspects today, and saw Heartless Gamer had posted the Duke Nukem Forever teaser video. Wow did my heart nearly jump out of my chest like a sweet baby alien ready for face munching. Duke 3D was a staple of my early teenage years(for better or for worse), and after all of the press releases(lies) over the years, the entire gaming community(myself included) have all but given up on this piece of classic vapor-ware. But I still have a soft spot for the big man with the dirtiest mouth in gaming. So without further au-do some serious flexin by Duke:

P.S. Love the epic metal soundtrack.