Wednesday, December 19, 2007

When the teenager inside sheds a tear so sweet.

I was browsing the usual suspects today, and saw Heartless Gamer had posted the Duke Nukem Forever teaser video. Wow did my heart nearly jump out of my chest like a sweet baby alien ready for face munching. Duke 3D was a staple of my early teenage years(for better or for worse), and after all of the press releases(lies) over the years, the entire gaming community(myself included) have all but given up on this piece of classic vapor-ware. But I still have a soft spot for the big man with the dirtiest mouth in gaming. So without further au-do some serious flexin by Duke:

P.S. Love the epic metal soundtrack.



Heartless_ said...

It's actually just a joke, so our hearts can be crushed again.

Cheston said...

Seriously, every time I see something Duke Nukem Forever related, I scream like Luke Skywalker "It isn't true! That's impossible!"