Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Viva Las Vegas!

Only days away is SOE's annual Fan Faire and I've pretty much settled on trying to attend both Defcon and Fan Faire, which will certainly be difficult but I'll see if I can't make it work, as I'd really like to attend talks at both events and I just can't settle for recaps or powerpoint slides. Anyways I'm getting in Thursday afternoon and staying until Monday so if anyone is around drop a comment and maybe we'll run into each other. Anyways I have much business to attend to(EQ2), see ya at Fan Faire!(I'll make a post before I leave as I've been meaning to.


Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Now there are a lot of MMO bloggers out there and while I always enjoy their content I find myself often asking "how much does this person really play mmos?", what experience do they have really playing? And so I offer up my MMO resume, you know just so I can have some street cred in this crowded space. Following are the games I've played, the characters I played and the time which I spent with the game, and a little bit of background.

-EverQuest(1999 - 2002)
Main Character:
Name: Nasteratu Mortir
Server: Brell Serilis
Level/Race/Class: 65 Dark Elf Necromancer
Guilds: Skyre Draneth, Legion of Heroes, and some DE RP guild way back when
Time Played: 165+ days

I was introduced to EQ by my best friend who got me hooked, as soon as we started playing I started spending very late nights at his place just screwing around on his High Elf Pally, exploring and figuring things out(man when we found out about Lay on Hands we were blown away!). Eventually I created a character on his account and once my Mother realized what was going on, for my birthday she bought me a Voodoo3 graphics card and a copy of EQ(this might have been one of the happiest moments of my adolescent life) and first thing I created a Dark Elf Necro named Nasteratu(because they wouldn't let me have Nosferatu, those damn name police). Nasteratu has many tales to tell but in short I leveled him up to max level with a friend sometimes playing and eventually got into raiding and that was the end of my social life for a year or so. I started EQ a couple months after release and didn't quit until Planes of Power came out(when I started college pretty much). My guild, Legion of Heroes was the third top guild on the server and had a great time raiding the planes, NTOV, Ssra, etc.. This character and time were some of my favorite and most nostalgic moments in gaming. Anyway enough of the golden oldies, I played other games after all.

-Dark Age of Camelot(2001(release) - 2003)
Main Character:
Name: Boourn
Server: Gawaine
Level/Race/Class: 50 Norse Healer
Guilds: Yggdrasil, and some other I can't remember
Time Played: Not sure, probably like 30 days or so.

Created Boourn in response to a friend who created "Boourns" a Troll Skald, had several other chars on Daoc but this is the character that made it the farthest, once reaching 50 I did a lot of RvR with my guild and had a great time of it, did a lot of Darkness Falls runs when we could. Really quit when I went to college and only played casual for a few months before canceling soon after the release of Shrouded Isles.

-World of Warcraft(2004(release) - 2007)
Name: Nasteratu
Server: Lothar
Level/Race/Class: 70 Night Elf Priest
Guilds: Disciples of the Equinox, Blessing
Played Time: 40 days+

Nasteratu was my first character in WoW, created on release day and played for almost a year with some friends. Started a casual guild with friends which eventually devolved into an alts guild and after hitting 60 lost interest in the Priest class.

Name: Chomsky
Server: Gurubashi(PvP)
Level/Race/Class: 60 Tauren Druid
Guilds: Nullified, Fire Monkeys, Veto, Atrocity
Played Time: 60 days+

Chomsky, I started on a whim with two friends, they both rogues could stealth and we wanted a healer that could come along on stealth missions. Chomsky quickly evolved into my main and became my primary raiding character after joining a raiding guild. Having raided Molten Core, Black Wing Lair, Zul'Gurub,and AQ(20&40) I quit Chomsky a few weeks after Naxx was released, mostly because of guild drama and lack of interest in the server community.

And of course the latest MMO I'm seriously getting into(I removed the minor games because of time and space reasons, and really who wants to hear about my level 15 characters in City of Heroes anyways?) is EverQuest2.
Name: Chestone
Level/Race/Class: 18 Dark Elf Wizard
Guilds: None(yet!)
Played Time: A day at most.

Having a great time so far, looking for a guild to join up with, and I have to admit I have slacked on the posts mostly because of EQ2, playing around with different classes and what not. Anyways here is my MMO rap sheet, hope you enjoyed it.


Sunday, July 22, 2007

Fan Faire!

I have always wanted to attend a SOE's FanFaire ever since I was an EQ junkie, and I might actually have the chance this year. The thing is, I'm going to be in town for a conference(Defcon) on the exact same weekend, this presents a serious dilemma for me, as FanFaire is appealing but Defcon is a yearly event for myself and a bunch of college friends from RIT. The thing that would really seal the deal is if I had someone to hang out with or at least meet up with at FanFaire, so if any of my legions of readers are attending maybe we could have a drink or whatever, so leave a comment if you are attending, and hopefully I'll see you there.


Saturday, July 21, 2007

I'm back and slightly more blue.

So as I stated in the previous post I've started playing EverQuest2 and so far I've been loving it, but I am not ready to render judgment just yet as it has only been a day or two, but I am having a great time. I have a level 10 Dark Elf Wizard named "Chestone" on Antonia Bayle and a level 11 Dark Elf Brigand on Nagafen(PvP). I should say I am not a huge PvP kinda guy and normally wouldn't think of rolling on the notorious Nagafen, but my roommate is one of those die-hard PvP folks and has a 70 necromancer on the server and wants to play together, so I figured I'd be risky and check out the action.

Now on Nagafen you have the grace period of levels 1-10 to stay PvP free, once you hit 10 you are free game to the opposing faction. Now during the morning hours there didn't seem to be any PvPers out in Darklight Woods, but as we moved into prime time(the 7 - 11pm block) the numbers grew to the point where questing was just a hassle. So right now I'm a bit torn, I think I will spend more time on AB than Nag right now, but who knows. Also I'm not really getting into the Wizard so I think I might re-roll. Anyone have any good suggestions?


Friday, July 20, 2007

And now for something completely different....

I forgot in my recent last post the great offer SOE is having w/ regards to EQ2. If you have a station account and were at one time subscribed to Vanguard:SOH and EQ2, you might have received an email in the past day or two that offers you two free months of EQ2 w/ all expansion packs and adventure packs included. This is a pretty nice deal though I am confused why they are offering to people that have sub'd to EQ2 and VG, maybe they are trying to let us all know they still publish complete games. Anyways it is a pretty good deal, especially for someone such as myself who have been lost in the ether of the MMO world. For more details check out the discussion at FOH.

I am thinking of rolling a character on the Antonia Bayle server as that is where the action and friends seem to be, I'll post more information as I go.


What a week!

This week has been absolutely crazy, first was the trip to Rochester, then when I got back home the Internets were out for two days and then a big test in my XML class. So again come the apologies for the lack of posting.

But I come bearing good news! I have finally installed Vista and am currently patching EQ2! So finally I can see what all the fuss is about, now this patching will take another half-hour so I figured I'd make a post and scour the Internets for news and the like. In sadder news I believe I am going to leave LOTRO for the time being, I just can't get excited about the game anymore, the epic quest is incredibly fun but the rest just seem uninspired and run of the mill.

In other news, MMOpinionated will have a new home soon, in the next month I am going to migrate all of my posts to a privately hosted site, which I will post a link to when I am near complete. Blogger is great but it really makes me feel amateurish and just isn't what I want it to be yet.


Saturday, July 14, 2007

Gone fishin!

I've been out of town for a few days and will be back home tomorrow, I have a few posts already written so keep an eye out!


Saturday, July 7, 2007

Hot New Blog Alert!

A new blog came around my way a few days ago, Eyes Like Ours. The articles are a bit long, but the writing is great, I really like the layout, and the content is generally solid, so check it out(or add it to your RSS reader as I did) if you haven't.


Incomng Cuppy Effect

It seems that the uber MMO blog CuppyTalk linked to us here at MMOpinionated, which I'm sure will provide a plethora of traffic and hopefully new readers. Thanks for the link love Cuppy! Keep up the good work!



No, I'm not going to ramble on about smoke monsters, and "others". I am lost in the MMO world, I have no game I am seriously into. I'm still trying to set off that spark with LOTRO, the game is great don't get me wrong. It is beautiful, cute, and pretty fun, but I just can't get into it. I'm sure other gamers are the same way where you feel that spark when playing a game for the first time, where you stay up until four in the morning playing and just don't want to stop. Now I used to feel this spark with the release of almost every MMO years ago, and now a days it seems I wade through the sea of MMOs and just can't muster at least one all nighter. And as an old break up line once said "you can't force love baby", and that is certainly true for games. No matter how pretty or how much content there exists in the game sometimes it just doesn't ignite that gamer fuel that we all use to power through those late night raids and get that next level.

Of course I mentioned LOTRO, but I've been in this MMO lull since I really fell out of love with WoW. I've gone back to EQ, SWG, EVE, and others that just havn't done it for me, now part of the reason I think going back to old games just doesn't do it for me, is that I am a social gamer. I love to chat it up with friends and the guild but all of my friends have moved on from these older games, and it seems the only people I know playing MMOs anymore are the WoW devotees and a few out there in EQ2 land. Really friends make the game so much easier, just for chatting, grouping, etc... I really find it tough to play a game where I have no friends. So why not go back to WoW? Well because boyfriend is a hardcore WoW player and so I know what the bleeding edge raid game consists of and frankly it doesn't look all that appealing to me, neither does their PvP, or constantly farming mats. Also really I just don't know how much more of that world I can take right now. I'm currently in a couple of closed betas right now which are pretty fun but not as we say in the software world "feature complete" meaning they are lacking several components that will be in the finished product, and these are pretty big components. And really the beta has a deadline and the fun can't last all that long, so why try and stick around for a character wipe when I'm really not sucked in yet. Now as a note I'd love to get into EQ2, but unfortunately I am having technical issues, that could only be resolved by an upgrade from XP to Vista. Who knows maybe I'll make the jump, I am just worried that I will end up disappointed after having put in all that time to upgrade.

Of course I am waiting on a few new games coming out, namely Age of Conan:Hyborian Adventures, and Warhammer Online:Age of Reckoning. But in the interim I have no idea what I am going to do with myself when I've got that gaming itch, especially during the summer where I actually have free time. Anyways please let me know what you guys out on that interweb think? What are you playing? and should I be playing it?