Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A look into my Crystal Ball of pwnage.

Well since Darren is getting all up in the spirit of the new year, I figured "Hey! I can make educated guesses too!". And so here we are. '07 was overall a disappointing year, with launches ranging from the mediocre to the down right terrible. Though it was a pretty darn good year for expansions, EQ2, EVE, Warcraft?, and probably a few others I can't remember right now, released to favorable reviews. But enough of the past, lets get to the future!

- Warhammer will suffer two more delays, and will be released in Q4 of '08. It will be a hit, and I will be sad because there will be no OSX port.

- Conan is released a few months before Warhammer to mediocre reviews, suffering a tough launch that will alienate their initially large audience but will soon suffer serious sub loss after the free month is over. Conan will maintain a small niche audience ala EVE but less interesting.

- Warcraft will lose some sub numbers, but nothing as serious as many think.

- While the alarm horns are sounded for Warhammer, Blizzard will make a pathetic attempt to patch in "serious" PvP. While their PvP only zone will be much hyped, it will turn into little more than Tarren Mill 2.0.

- Wrath of the Lich King will be a disappointment because you can't play the walrus people. Much photoshopping will occur post launch.

- Everquest2 will announce their next expansion, which will include the return of some of the Planes. Someone mentioned the next EQ2 expansion pack being a rehash of Planes of Power but I cannot remember who.

- The MMO Startups will finally release what they are working on, many will be unconventional, and there will be much turmoil amongst bloggers. At least one web based MMO, all will include RMT.

- After much thought I don't think anything incredibly interesting will happen to LOTRO, but will continue to release quality episodic content. Travel time will be improved.

- Bioware's announcement will be a disappointment, and tears will flood the streets of the Internet.

- None will care about Huxley.

- I will play Warhammer until my eyes bleed.

The last one I can guarantee.


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