Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Taking the plunge.

Well I broke down yesterday and picked up the pre-order box of Pirates of the Burning Sea at the local Gamestop(which had a nice stack at the front desk). I am very excited to try it out, alas my excitement has faded as the process of downloading the client has taken well over 15 hours. I've tried the direct download, then switched to try the slim client and then patch the game which some claimed would only take forty minutes(HA!), and now I am back to the direct download hoping that at some point I will be able to play this game before it actually releases.

So far this is probably a worse experience than the Vanguard beta, which is shocking as I didn't think I could wait longer for a game to download. But at least VG was 20+ gigs which however absurd makes some sense it would take awhile. Pirates however is only 5gigs, which should be done in under four hours easy. I've scanned the forums, and seen a few people with my problem but it doesn't seem to be widespread which is always depressing. There is nothing worse than complaining about a problem by yourself. Why oh why Flying Labs, did you not include a beta build users could just patch, and go? I'll report back later when I can actually play the game. In the meantime, have any of you picked up the game? If so where are you playing? As I have no idea where to begin.


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