Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Maybe another day.

Well I tried Vanguard, I really did, but I have not logged on in probably two weeks. I just couldn't bring myself to do it. It is a beautiful game, diplomacy kicks ass, their use of a defensive target is near game changing as a healer, and the amount of race/class combos provides a fantastic amount of options to a new player.

Now that I have the praise out of the way, on to the complaints. The client crashes more often on my machine now than it did at release(it never crashed for me at release, now it happens at least once a play session). As I said in my previous post, I just cannot stand the UI "look and feel", I honestly feel like I'm looking at the world's most beautiful landscapes through a viewfinder. Not to mention the default font used just looks pre-EverQuest, even my roommate commented how terrible the font looked against the environments. Anyways, I quickly grew tired of my lonely cleric running about post Hathor-Zhi, and rolled a Halfling Bard. Which to my disappointment was a lot less fun than I was expecting, also a bit confusing, there is little at all in the way of informing the user how to actually create songs and us the different abilities to make powerful songs. I spent far too much time dicking around with the same ol' junk before I figured out I really needed to do something about it. When of course the game crashed and I lost serious interest in returning. Not to mention that there were very few people in the newbie area to help out, so I ended up getting my arse whooped by a bunch of brownies repeatedly in an attempt to complete a few quests. And while in Everquest this was a regular occurence, I just couldn't swallow it and go on.

I'm not saying I'm done with Vanguard, there is as everyone says a lot there. It just isn't in order quite yet. There is a rumored relaunch occurring in a few months maybe I'll give it a shot then when they get the new models, and more has been done. But for now I just have to let it go. Which leads me to another topic, what to do now? But that is for another time.


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