Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Vanguard: Someday I'll be playing you.

Well I had been planning on some hot Vanguarding this evening. But as the patcher says I still have three hours left, it is 9pm EST, and I have a presentation along with a test tomorrow... perhaps not. But hey bonus, there was a patch today, and look what came along just in time for __insert_holiday__!

Hotfix Notes December / 19 / 2007



- All three spheres have been given a 50% experience bonus during the holidays. The bonus experience will last from Wednesday, December 19th at 5:00am PST to Thursday, January 3rd at 5:00am PST. Enjoy!

Well that will certainly make things a little bit more enjoyable in the weeks to come. Also I wanted to ask, where is everyone playing? I'd love to find some friends in game to group up with, start a guild or throw down diplomatically, the possibilities are endless!


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Stargrace said...

Playing on Seradon, as Ishbel / Satia / Arysh - and MrrX is there as well from :) Lots of down time, but I've been told this is not typical.