Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Now there are a lot of MMO bloggers out there and while I always enjoy their content I find myself often asking "how much does this person really play mmos?", what experience do they have really playing? And so I offer up my MMO resume, you know just so I can have some street cred in this crowded space. Following are the games I've played, the characters I played and the time which I spent with the game, and a little bit of background.

-EverQuest(1999 - 2002)
Main Character:
Name: Nasteratu Mortir
Server: Brell Serilis
Level/Race/Class: 65 Dark Elf Necromancer
Guilds: Skyre Draneth, Legion of Heroes, and some DE RP guild way back when
Time Played: 165+ days

I was introduced to EQ by my best friend who got me hooked, as soon as we started playing I started spending very late nights at his place just screwing around on his High Elf Pally, exploring and figuring things out(man when we found out about Lay on Hands we were blown away!). Eventually I created a character on his account and once my Mother realized what was going on, for my birthday she bought me a Voodoo3 graphics card and a copy of EQ(this might have been one of the happiest moments of my adolescent life) and first thing I created a Dark Elf Necro named Nasteratu(because they wouldn't let me have Nosferatu, those damn name police). Nasteratu has many tales to tell but in short I leveled him up to max level with a friend sometimes playing and eventually got into raiding and that was the end of my social life for a year or so. I started EQ a couple months after release and didn't quit until Planes of Power came out(when I started college pretty much). My guild, Legion of Heroes was the third top guild on the server and had a great time raiding the planes, NTOV, Ssra, etc.. This character and time were some of my favorite and most nostalgic moments in gaming. Anyway enough of the golden oldies, I played other games after all.

-Dark Age of Camelot(2001(release) - 2003)
Main Character:
Name: Boourn
Server: Gawaine
Level/Race/Class: 50 Norse Healer
Guilds: Yggdrasil, and some other I can't remember
Time Played: Not sure, probably like 30 days or so.

Created Boourn in response to a friend who created "Boourns" a Troll Skald, had several other chars on Daoc but this is the character that made it the farthest, once reaching 50 I did a lot of RvR with my guild and had a great time of it, did a lot of Darkness Falls runs when we could. Really quit when I went to college and only played casual for a few months before canceling soon after the release of Shrouded Isles.

-World of Warcraft(2004(release) - 2007)
Name: Nasteratu
Server: Lothar
Level/Race/Class: 70 Night Elf Priest
Guilds: Disciples of the Equinox, Blessing
Played Time: 40 days+

Nasteratu was my first character in WoW, created on release day and played for almost a year with some friends. Started a casual guild with friends which eventually devolved into an alts guild and after hitting 60 lost interest in the Priest class.

Name: Chomsky
Server: Gurubashi(PvP)
Level/Race/Class: 60 Tauren Druid
Guilds: Nullified, Fire Monkeys, Veto, Atrocity
Played Time: 60 days+

Chomsky, I started on a whim with two friends, they both rogues could stealth and we wanted a healer that could come along on stealth missions. Chomsky quickly evolved into my main and became my primary raiding character after joining a raiding guild. Having raided Molten Core, Black Wing Lair, Zul'Gurub,and AQ(20&40) I quit Chomsky a few weeks after Naxx was released, mostly because of guild drama and lack of interest in the server community.

And of course the latest MMO I'm seriously getting into(I removed the minor games because of time and space reasons, and really who wants to hear about my level 15 characters in City of Heroes anyways?) is EverQuest2.
Name: Chestone
Level/Race/Class: 18 Dark Elf Wizard
Guilds: None(yet!)
Played Time: A day at most.

Having a great time so far, looking for a guild to join up with, and I have to admit I have slacked on the posts mostly because of EQ2, playing around with different classes and what not. Anyways here is my MMO rap sheet, hope you enjoyed it.


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