Saturday, July 21, 2007

I'm back and slightly more blue.

So as I stated in the previous post I've started playing EverQuest2 and so far I've been loving it, but I am not ready to render judgment just yet as it has only been a day or two, but I am having a great time. I have a level 10 Dark Elf Wizard named "Chestone" on Antonia Bayle and a level 11 Dark Elf Brigand on Nagafen(PvP). I should say I am not a huge PvP kinda guy and normally wouldn't think of rolling on the notorious Nagafen, but my roommate is one of those die-hard PvP folks and has a 70 necromancer on the server and wants to play together, so I figured I'd be risky and check out the action.

Now on Nagafen you have the grace period of levels 1-10 to stay PvP free, once you hit 10 you are free game to the opposing faction. Now during the morning hours there didn't seem to be any PvPers out in Darklight Woods, but as we moved into prime time(the 7 - 11pm block) the numbers grew to the point where questing was just a hassle. So right now I'm a bit torn, I think I will spend more time on AB than Nag right now, but who knows. Also I'm not really getting into the Wizard so I think I might re-roll. Anyone have any good suggestions?


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