Sunday, September 16, 2007

Hook, Line and Sinker..

Well I have to commend SOE for successfully suckering me into a full subscription to EQ2. Earlier this summer SOE offered two free months, including all three expansions, and all three adventure packs.

EQ2 ad

And at the time being in a post-LOTRO MMO slump I figured I'd take the plunge and re-check out EQ2. I was pleasantly surprised with a lot of things, including a good ol' helping of nostalgia. I need not repeat the advances of EQ2 since its launch(Ten Ton Hammer does a great job here), there were a few "wow!" moments, but quite a few "oooo!"'s. And now I've got a level 30 Wizard with a pretty nice house and a snazzy new 24% mount(thanks to a Legends of Norrath booster dropping in a newbie zone) and I'm having a lot of fun exploring the world. The one thing I find a double edged sword is that there is so much content at every level I feel as if I'm constantly missing out on something. But I don't want to get into a real review just yet.

Well anyways Sunday rolled around and I had completely forgotten that my EQ2 free loading was over, and so at around 10am in the middle of zoning no less I was booted and not allowed to enter the game from the character selection screen. This drove me nuts, until I exited the game entirely and it yelled about not being a subscriber, so after a few thoughts about my meager funds I decided to go with it and am still having as much fun now(if not more) than I did when I fired up the client in July. So kudos to SOE marketing, you've got one more customer(actually two, I was able to convince my very anti EQ roommate to join me after showing off to him the new hotness that is EQ2).



Kevin said...

Glad to hear you're enjoying it - to me it never really lost its draw since launch...I had to take some time out for real life work and such, but I'm back on a more "casual" (that means a few hours a night with two accounts LOL) basis and still loving it. REALLY looking forward to Kunark too!
Hope you stick with it - it gets even more fun after the 30's :)

Cheston said...

Hey thank you for the comment, I'm really looking forward to Kunark as well, I'm just trying to get up to speed. EQ2 is such a huge game, I'm finding it difficult to really grok the game and all of its systems. Still I am really enjoying it.

Aspendawn said...

Yep, SOE is pretty smart. They just reactivated my account for the next few weeks and already I'm finding myself getting hooked back in.

Not sure if I want to plunk down the money for Kunark but boy it's tempting to be able to relive all those areas.